Dependency Override

  • A student’s reluctance to request parent’s financial information or the unwillingness of parent(s) to pay educational expenses or provide information does NOT justify a dependency override.
  • A student’s self-support, as a sole factor, does NOT justify a dependency override.
  • Examples of situations where petitions may be approved include an abusive family environment or removal of the student from the parent(s)’ residence by court order.
  • A successful petition for a dependency override depends on the specific information and documentation provided including appropriate legal documents.
  • A dependency override may be granted for one year only. A student must request, and provide the appropriate documentation for, a dependency override each year.

Petition Process – Please submit the following to the Student Financial Aid Office:


  1. Personal Statement – On a separate sheet of paper, describe the following:
  • Why you are requesting a dependency override
  • Your relationship with your parent(s) and include any related circumstances
  • How you provide for yourself
  • If you receive support from friends and relatives, describe the nature of the support
  • Sign and date your personal statement.


  1. Documentation
  • Provide statements from at least three individuals who can verify the family circumstances that you described in your personal statement.
  • The statements should be from adults who are not related to you but have direct knowledge of the situation, or professionals from whom you have sought treatment or assistance.
  • Professionals include guidance counselors, doctors, lawyers, family counselors, social workers, law enforcement officers, and clergy members.
  • If a family member, who is not your parent, has raised you or is currently supporting you, submit an additional statement from that family member.

Statements must be signed originals but supporting documentation may be photocopies