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Outside Scholarships Policy for New Students

Wake Forest encourages students to apply for outside scholarships for which they may be eligible. Outside scholarships count as student resources, becoming part of the package of financial aid. When need calculated under the federal methodology (FM need) is greater than the offered aid package, outside scholarships are allowed to meet that difference. Once the offered aid package equals FM need, any portion of outside scholarship exceeding FM need results in a reduction of need-based student loans and work-study funds. In no case may aid exceed the estimated cost of attendance.

Outside scholarship donors should include the name and social security number of the intended recipient, as well as the term(s) for which the scholarship is intended, on the face of the check. Checks should be made payable to Wake Forest University (or co-payable to Wake Forest University and the student) and sent to the Office of Student Financial Aid, PO Box 7246, Winston-Salem, NC, 27109-7246. Checks delivered by donors directly to the student should be forwarded by the student to the aid office. By submitting, or allowing donors to submit, checks to Wake Forest, a student gives permission for Wake Forest to write the Wake Forest University student identification number on the face of the check.