Guy T. Carswell Scholarships

Begun in 1968, Guy T. Carswell Scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding qualities of academic promise, leadership, and talent. Successful applicants have pursued the most challenging curriculum available to them and have achieved grade point averages and standardized test scores (if submitted) that place them in the top percentage in comparison to their peers. Further, Carswell Scholars have typically been leaders in a variety of extracurricular pursuits and won recognition for their interests at the regional, state, or national level.

Carswell Scholarships provide up to six scholarships to cover the annual cost of tuition, room and board, plus $1,500 for personal expenses. Carswell Scholars are encouraged to apply for up to $5,000 for a research, study, or travel project during each of the three summers between the first and senior years. Carswell Scholars also receive an extra $500 allowance for expenses related to one semester at a Wake Forest overseas program.

Finalists are invited to campus for interviews and are notified by the end of March.


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