Inmar Technology Scholarships

Inmar is not currently making new Inmar Technology Scholarship awards.

Begun in 2015, Inmar Technology Scholarships are awarded by Inmar to exceptional students who have a strong interest in majoring in Computer Science at Wake Forest University.  Inmar Technology Scholarships, valued at $10,000 annually, also allow students to earn $6,400 during the summer and up to $5,000 through fall and spring semester work study at Inmar.

Inmar Technology Scholars will gain industry experience using the newest web and mobile technology and data analytics.  Inmar Technology Scholars also receive mentorship networking, and career development benefits.

Inmar Technology Scholar must declare a major in Computer Science by the start of the junior year and make satisfactory progress toward the fulfillment of degree requirements each year.  Scholars must work at Inmar during summers.  Work study with Inmar during the academic year is preferred, but not required.

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