Federal Work Study Update

How will my Federal Work Study eligibility be impacted by COVID-19 

The Department of Education has authorized colleges and universites to continue paying spring semester Federal Work Study participants unable to continue on campus employment while the campus operates remotely.  Student Financial Aid has calculated a lump sum payout of unearned Federal Work Study eligibility based on students’ scheduled hours over the first half of the spring semester.


When will the payment be made?

Unused FWS eligibility will be processed and made available in the 3/21-4/3 pay period paycheck.  


As a FWS student employee, can I continue to work remotely?

Unfortunately, no.  To ensure all students are provided access to the maximum amount of unused FWS eligibility within the University FWS allocation, students will not be able to work remotely and earn more than their average scheduled hours duringr the first part of the term


How was my Federal Work-Study payout calculated?

The University used student’s average hours worked per week from the start of the term until spring break and multiplied that by the remaining number of weeks left in the term up to the student’s maximum Federal Work Study Eligibility


Who should I contact if I have a question about my Federal Work Study payment?

Please contact Lauren Trethaway at trethal@nullwfu.edu


Where can I see my Federal Work Study Eligibility?

FWS eligibility can be reviewed through a student’s financial aid status under Virtual Campus in the Wake Information Network (WIN)