Financial Aid Portal

Through WIN, Wake Forest students can securely and efficiently view and manage their financial aid.  For assistance with your WIN login, please contact the Information Systems Help Desk at 336-758-4357.

The financial aid portal provides access to view your financial aid eligibility, upload supplemental financial aid forms, accept or decline loans, give your parents/representatives permission to speak to Student Financial Aid on your behalf, and much more. Access the financial aid portal just like you do other student services:

– Log on to WIN
– Go to Virtual Campus
– Click *Your Financial Aid Portal

 The portal opens to the Home Page which shows your documents and messages.

Under Your Documents:

– Find the the Federal Aid Authorization application. Click Complete it now! to answer a required question about using Federal Student Aid to pay for fees on your student account. You must complete this step to accept your offered student loans.

-Find the Information Release (FERPA) form. Click Complete it now! to submit this form to give your parents/representatives permission to speak to Student Financial Aid on your behalf.

Portal 1a

Use the drop down options in the Menu (upper left) to navigate through the Financial Aid Portal.

The first option is Documents and Messages. Review all required documents and view messages.

Portal 2

The second option is Applications. There may be additional applications for funding added throughout the academic year.

Portal 3

The third option is View Financial Aid. View your estimated cost of attendance and view your financial aid eligibility. See estimated direct and indirect costs, grants and scholarships, loans, and federal work study. (Actual semester charges are available through Student Financial Services Tuition and Fees.)

Portal 4

The fourth option is Accept Financial Aid. Accept/decline all or part of offered loans.

Portal 5

The fifth option is Forms. These forms are standard documents that may be needed to complete your application. If you haven’t submitted all required documents, please download the appropriate ones now. Then complete and submit to Student Financial Aid.

The sixth option is Disbursements. View your aid amount and the anticipated disbursement date to your WFU student account.

The seventh option is Loan History. View your cumulative Federal student loan history as of the date your most recent FAFSA was processed. For more information about your loan history you may also visit Manage your Student Loans through Federal Student Aid.

Portal 6

The eighth option is the Undergraduate College Financing Plan. You can view and print a copy of your WFU financial aid summary.