Instructions for Accessing Your Financial Aid Record on WIN

Through WIN, Wake Forest students can securely and efficiently view and manage their financial aid.  For assistance with your WIN login, please contact the Help Desk at 336-758-4357.

  1. Logon to WIN:
  2. Go to Virtual Campus
  3. Under Your Financial Aid, click on Financial Aid Status
  4. As you click various links in WIN, open documents in a new window by right-clicking on the link and selecting “open in a new window”

It is important to review all information displayed:

  • Click on Requirements to view items that must be submitted to complete your application
  • Click on Cost of Attendance to view the estimated cost of attendance
    (Actual semester charges are available through Student Financial Services Tuition and Fees)
  • Click on Award to view your financial aid award
    All awards will appear, including need-based grants and loans, merit scholarships, state grants, and outside scholarships, alternative loans, and other scholarships of which the Aid office has been informed
  • View the General Information applicable to your financial aid award
  • Visit Award Overview to view all funds awarded to you for the selected aid year and
    click on each fund to view information specific to that fund
  • Answer the question regarding use of Title IV funds under the Resources/Additional Information tab. You will then be able to open the Accept Award Offer tab to accept/decline all or part of your loan(s). You will need to answer the question, even if you have answered it in previous years.
  • Click on Accept Award Offer to view instructions specific to your award and funds you have been awarded as well as outstanding documentation required for disbursement of your award funds and accept any funds in offered status
  • Click on Academic Progress to view your eligibility status
  • Click on Active Messages, where applicable, to view important information about your
    financial aid award
  • Click on Financial Aid History to view the history of your financial aid awards