Financial Aid Appeal Process

The Office of Student Financial Aid makes every attempt to award students the maximum aid for which they are eligible based on financial aid policies and available resources. We do not match financial aid awards from other institutions or use other awards as a basis for adjusting the Wake Forest award. Consumer debt and a parent’s student loans are not taken into account when determining a student’s need-based financial aid eligibility.  Inflation or changes to asset values due to market fluctuations do not rise to the level of an appeal for additional financial aid.  If there have been other unusual or extenuating changes in the family’s financial situation, or if there are special circumstances which should be taken into consideration that were not included in the application, please send a written appeal to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

For returning students, we make every effort to maintain the aid offered during the first year. Students, however, must reapply for aid each year by submitting the Renewal FAFSA, CSS PROFILE, and copies of student and parental W-2 wage statements and income tax forms. Any revisions in aid to returning students will be based on carefully documented changes in family circumstances. If you wish to appeal a decision, send a written appeal to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

All appeals should be addressed to the Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid, Office of Student Financial Aid, Wake Forest University, PO Box 7246, Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7246. The Committee responds to all correspondence within a reasonable period of time (generally within two weeks of receipt, unless substantial documentation is required.)