The Summer Grant Program

An unusual and important feature of the Nancy Susan Reynolds, Guy T. Carswell, Graylyn, and Joseph G. Gordon scholarships is the summer grant program that supports research, study, and travel. These scholars have three summers in which to undertake projects funded at up to $5,000 per year. Scholars consult with faculty, the scholarship officers, and others to plan a project with an educational purpose. Approximately twenty such project grants are awarded annually to scholarship students. Recent summer projects include:

  • Islamic art in Morocco and Turkey
  • Roma culture in Eastern Europe
  • Research on Sorbian minority in Germany
  • Classes and research in Cuba
  • Internships with White House, US AID, and Congressional offices
  • Research at Harvard School of Public Health
  • Historical and cultural traditions of Ivory Coast
  • School for Field Studies in Costa Rica
  • Operation Crossroads Africa in Tanzania
  • London’s influence on Keats
  • Teaching English to League of Women in Ukraine
  • Research and visit religious sites in India
  • Medical team in Thailand
  • Women’s health in Peru
  • Democratic reform in Honduras
  • Research in Ireland on author Elizabeth Bowen
  • Reconstructing the European Grand Tour
  • Nature writing and hiking on Appalachian Trail and in Montana
  • Producing a film in Croatia
  • Curating an African art exhibit in Winston-Salem

In addition to these opportunities for summer funding, any Wake Forest University student may apply for summer funding through the Wake Forest Undergraduate Fellowship and Richter Scholarship programs.

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Wake Forest University offers merit based scholarships that students from all socio-economic backgrounds may be eligible to apply for.

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