Cost of Attendance

2020-21 Tuition and Fees $57,760
Housing (standard double room) $9,848
Meals $5,672
Books and Supplies $1,500
Personal expenses $1,550
Transportation $948
Fed Direct Loan Avg Fee $64
TOTAL* $77,342

* This estimate of average total costs is used to determine need for financial aid.

Students who receive financial aid should consider “net cost” (cost of attendance minus total grants and scholarships) in thinking about the actual cost of attending Wake Forest.  Use our Net Price Calculator to estimate your actual cost.  The Net Price Calculator will not estimate any merit scholarships that you may also receive.  

Figures other than tuition and fees are estimated averages. Bills for University charges will reflect the actual costs incurred by an individual student, and may be for amounts greater or less than this average. Information about required books and supplies for specific courses is available at the Campus Bookstore. This estimate of costs does not include health insurance. Students who are not adequately covered by their parents’ health insurance policy will be required to purchase health insurance. Students who are required to purchase health insurance may request additional assistance by submitting the Health Insurance Funding Request Form.