Need-Based Aid

What is Need-Based Aid?

Need-based aid is financial aid that you can receive if you have financial need and meet other eligibility criteria. You can’t receive more need-based aid than the amount of your financial need.

You will find information below about need-based aid programs. Details about how need is determined, priority filing deadlines, and the application process can be found on the Applying for Aid page.

Need-Based Aid Programs

You may learn more about need-based aid programs that Wake Forest offers below. To apply for a need-based aid program, you will need to complete the CSS Profile®.

Wake Forest Need-Based Scholarships

Wake Forest Need-Based Scholarships are made possible by the many annual donors to the Wake Forest Fund for Student Aid.

Wake Forest Endowed Need-Based Scholarships

Generous donors have established named scholarships that include financial need as an eligibility criterion. No additional scholarship application is necessary.

Wake Forest Private Education Loans

Wake Forest may offer institutional private education loans to students with demonstrated need. Loan amounts vary. These loans carry a fixed interest rate of 5%. The loan programs include the James W. Denmark Loan, the Hutchins Student Loan, and the Wallace Loan. These need-based loans are offered at the discretion of financial aid staff. Loan information is emailed to students upon acceptance of the loan. Promissory notes are mailed to students before the beginning of the fall semester.

Supplementing Need-Based Aid

To cover the expense of higher education, many families choose to spread the costs over time by taking out loans. There are educational loans which are not based on need and may be used to pay a family’s share of costs, without reducing eligibility for need-based aid.

Ready to Apply?

What steps to take, as well as deadlines, for students who wish to apply for need-based aid.


If you have any questions or concerns about how to apply for need-based aid, please reach out to us and one of our financial aid specialists will be happy to assist you!

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