2024-25 Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance estimates provide students with a reasonable projection of their educationally related costs while enrolled, and are used to determine eligibility for financial aid programs.

Direct charges are established by the Board of Trustees each spring preceding the fall semester start of the academic year. All costs for an upcoming academic year are estimates and subject to change prior to the Board’s action.

Direct charges for students living on campus include tuition and fees, housing, and food (meal plan).

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Living on or off campus

Tuition and Fees$67,642
Personal Expenses$1,836
Fed Direct Loan Avg Fee$64
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment$1,680

Total Estimated Costs: $91,266 *

* This estimate of average total costs is used to determine need for financial aid. Off-campus students are assessed a $80 Technology Fee per semester.

Living with parents

Tuition and Fees$67,802
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment$1,680
Personal Expenses$1,836
Fed Direct Loan Avg Fee$64

Total Estimated Costs: $78,816

Net Price Calculator

Use our Net Price Calculator to determine your estimated net cost (estimated costs, minus grants and scholarships).

Strategies to Minimize Costs

Wise spending choices require a little research but can have significant impact.

How Costs are Determined

Amounts other than tuition and fees are estimated averages. Semester billing statements reflect actual charges, which may be for amounts greater or less than the averages. University charges are listed on the Financial Services Tuition and Fees website.

The Campus Bookstore lists course-specific prices for books and course materials.

This estimate of costs does not include health insurance. Students who are not adequately covered by their parents’ health insurance policy are required to purchase health insurance. Students receiving need-based scholarship assistance may request Student Health Insurance Funding by emailing finaid@wfu.edu.

Students who incur costs for dependent care or have disability-related expenses may request a cost of attendance adjustment by contacting Student Financial Aid.

Students who are in an academic program that prepares them to enter a profession that requires licensure, certification, or a first credential, and who have costs associated with obtaining such a qualification, may request a cost of attendance adjustment by contacting Student Financial Aid.

Net Price Calculator

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