The information on this page relates to summer 2024.

Summer financial aid at Wake Forest consists of federal aid, private education loans, and limited institutional aid programs. Applicants for federal and institutional aid must be degree-seeking Wake Forest students. Visiting students cannot receive federal or institutional aid. Summer enrollment does not relieve students of Wake Forest’s minimum student summer earnings expectation for the following academic year. A student who begins attendance in all classes during a compressed period of enrollment (summer term) is paid aid based on the enrollment status at the time of disbursement, even if his or her enrollment status changes subsequently. A student who withdraws from all courses is subject to the return of aid funds.

Students intending to apply for federal aid should have a 2023-24 FAFSA® on file with the Office of Student Financial Aid by April 10, 2024. Federal aid is limited to remaining academic year eligibility (if any) for Pell Grants, Work-Study, Direct Loans, and PLUS Loans. Federal aid applicants must meet satisfactory academic progress requirements and are subject to the return of funds upon withdrawal. Applicants for Federal Direct and PLUS loans must enroll in at least six hours during the summer. In addition, all students who plan to attend summer school should complete the Application for Summer 2024 Financial Aid

If you need to borrow a private education loan for summer 2024 please review this information about private supplemental loans. Contact your chosen lender and complete all required forms for them. Also submit to the Financial Aid Office the Application for Summer 2024 Financial Aid, so that we can accurately certify your private loan for your lender. To facilitate timely disbursement, WFU must receive the lender’s pre-approval notice by April 10, 2024.

Students intending to use summer financial aid to pay for on-campus summer meals should purchase a summer meal plan through Residence Life and Housing’s summer housing/meal plan portal. If a summer meal plan is purchased in this manner, then students can begin to use a summer meal plan even if all summer financial aid funds have not yet arrived at Wake Forest by the start of summer school

Please refer to the Information for Undergraduate Aid Recipients page for important information.

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