Scholarships for Continuing Students

Available Programs

Various scholarships recognize exceptional achievement and assist with enhanced opportunities.

  • Thomas E. and Ruth Mullen Scholarships

    Part of the Carswell Scholarship program for returning students.

    The Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid annually recognizes up to ten students as Thomas E. and Ruth Mullen Scholars as part of the Carswell Scholarship Program for returning students. Applicants must have completed at least one year of coursework at Wake Forest and are judged on the basis of academic and extracurricular leadership while here. The competition is keen, with recipients generally standing at least in the top 10% of the class. Once awarded, the scholarship may be renewed through the fourth year of undergraduate study. The scholarship is $1,500 per year (though it could be less if the student has extensive other scholarships or financial aid packages). Students selected before the senior year are eligible to apply for summer grants of up to $5,000 to support research of educational value.

    How to apply

    The student should address to the Committee a letter that includes an account of his or her academic progress, leadership, extracurricular activity, and contributions to university life. Such a letter is not simply a list but an expression of the student’s intellectual and social development. In addition to this letter, the student must ask two faculty members to submit letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the Committee.

    All materials are due by October 15, but may be sent at any point during the summer or early fall. Approximately twenty finalists are invited to group interviews in November.

    Feel free to call the Merit-based Scholarships Office at 336.758.4209 with questions. Note that an application to become a Mullen Scholar automatically provides the members of the Committee access to your transcript and dean’s record.

    Send all letters and supporting materials to:

    The Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid
    P.O. Box 7305
    Winston-Salem, NC 27109

    You may also scan and attach your application and supporting materials via email to

  • Wake Forest Undergraduate Research Fellowships

    Up to 150 competitive, merit-based fellowships each year financially assist students who collaborate with faculty mentors on research projects. The awards can be used during the summer and are in the amount of $4,000. Student applicants must have a cumulative 3.0 grade point average at the time of application. Sophomore standing (29 or more credits passed) is required by the time the research project begins.

    More information and application materials are available on the URECA Center website.

  • WFU Study Abroad Scholarships

    Valued at $2,000, these awards are available to enrolled students with a 3.0, who are studying abroad. Students may only receive one of these scholarships, and you must be receiving credit for courses taken while abroad. Applications may be obtained in the Center for International Studies.

    A variety of scholarships for study abroad at specific locations are also available.

    Information can be obtained from the Center for Global Programs and Studies website.

  • Richter Scholarships

    The Richter Scholars Program awards competitive, independent study scholarships of up to $6,000 for students in the College, the Calloway School and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences on the Reynolda Campus of Wake Forest University. Richter Scholarships will be awarded to students proposing an independent study project requiring travel away from Winston-Salem. International projects are especially encouraged. Most projects are expected to occur in the summer.

    Interested parties can find more information on the URECA website.

  • Kenneth A. Zick Fund for Leadership Excellence

    The Kenneth A. Zick Fund for Leadership Excellence provides a scholarship to a rising senior with financial need and a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2, who demonstrates more than one of the following characteristics: values personal integrity; practices humility; is actively involved in a service group on campus; gives a significant amount of time to an organization enriching the lives of students; fosters a sense of community; seeks authentic relationships with peers, faculty, and staff; and cherishes the campus culture.

    Applications need to be submitted to the Office of the Provost by May 1.

  • Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Scholarships

    These scholarships are based on academic and extracurricular achievement as well as leadership potential. While the four-year scholarships are awarded after national high school competition, the three- and two-year scholarships are awarded after national college and university competition.

    Interested students should contact the Department of Military Science.

  • Miscellaneous

    Other possible sources of funds for upperclass students include scholarships awarded by some fraternities or sororities to their members, scholarships from the debate program, three to five scholarships awarded by Phi Beta Kappa to top achievers of the junior class, and a scholarship sponsored by the Chi Rho musical group for one of its members. Inquire with each organization for more information.

Department scholarships

A number of Wake Forest academic departments offer scholarships for returning students, which can be found below.

ArtEleanor Layfield Davis Scholarship art majors (usually worth $2,500 annually)
ArtTed & Nancy Meredith Scholarship art majors (usually worth $2,500 annually)
BiologyGrady Britt ScholarshipFor biology students interested in parasitology for biology students
BiologyElton C. Cocke Undergraduate Fund biology students
BiologyRobert L. Sullivan Scholarship biology students
School of BusinessJohn Belk Stevens Scholarship in Business the Office of the Dean at the School of Business (336.758.3989) for more info.
School of BusinessThomas H. Davis Business Scholarship
School of BusinessPhillip Wilson/Peat Marwick Scholarship
School of BusinessArthur Andersen and Company Accounting Leadership Award
School of BusinessJones-Holder Business Scholarship Fund
School of BusinessDaniel Eugene and Beulah B. Gatewood Scholarship in Accountancy
School of BusinessRobert C. Bridger, Jr. Scholarship
School of BusinessHenry Russell and Clara Stephenson Harris Scholarship
School of BusinessBurke M. McConnell Management Excellence Scholarship
School of BusinessAugustine John Taylor and Roby Ellis Taylor Scholarship
School of BusinessWilliam D. Brigman Scholarship
School of BusinessNeal Monroe Chastain Memorial Scholarship
School of BusinessLowe’s Foods Fund
ClassicsWilliam Royall Scholarship Fund excellence in classical studies (preference to students traveling to classical sites)
German & RussianW.D. Sanders Scholarship for intensive language study in Germany or Austria (worth up to $2,000)
MathematicsKenneth Tyson Raynor ScholarshipFor mathematics majors (worth up to $2,000)
MathematicsBarry and Ann Griffin Driggs Scholarship mathematics majors (worth up to $1,000)
MathematicsWalter Tatum Scholarship mathematics majors (worth up to $5,000 for both the junior and senior year)
MusicThane E. McDonald and Marie D. McDonald Memorial Scholarships qualified music students (financial need is a factor)
MusicJoseph Pleasant and Marguerite Nutt Sloan Memorial Scholarship qualified music students (financial need is a factor)
MusicMaria Thornton and Miriam Carlyle Willis Scholarship qualified music students (financial need is a factor)
MusicM. Elizabeth Harris Scholarship qualified music students (financial need is a factor)
TheatreJordan ScholarshipFor theatre majors (worth $2,500)

Need and Merit-Based Scholarships

Explore our need and merit-based scholarship programs.