Leadership and Character Scholars

Many colleges and universities offer full scholarships based on academic achievement, perfect test scores, math and science awards, or accolades in music, art and theatre. Wake Forest proposes to honor another form of excellence: character.

We are looking for the best and brightest students who have demonstrated exceptional moral leadership, commitment and purpose. We want students who have overcome great odds, worked hard to accomplish important goals and demonstrated the ability to work on behalf of others. We seek to attract students who have shown virtues such as honesty, diligence, curiosity, generosity, humility and gratitude. In short, we want exceptional students whose lives manifest great character and who seek out a collegiate experience in which leadership and character development will be central.

Each incoming class will include a small, selective cohort of top students who will be awarded a full scholarship, based on merit, toward their educational costs. These scholars will participate in leadership and character programming designed specifically for them, and they will be offered experiential learning opportunities to practice leadership and character in service to our campus and within the greater community.

To be eligible for the Leadership and Character Scholarship, students must apply for, and qualify for, need-based financial aid in their first year.

Submit your undergraduate admissions application by December 1 to be considered for this scholarship.

Find out more about Leadership and Character by visiting, leadershipandcharacter.wfu.edu.

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