Information for Aid Recipients

Check your Financial Aid Portal

Make sure your aid is all set (accept/decline loans and work-study, complete loan promissory note and entrance counseling, submit work-study placement survey, complete federal verification requirements). We can help you cut through the red tape.

You won’t receive any spam from, only important information to ensure maximum aid eligibility and timely receipt of funds. In order for us to help you, please respond quickly.

Federal Work-Study

It’s not like other aid programs. It’s a real paycheck to help with daily expenses during the year. It’s not available to pay up-front charges like tuition, housing, and meal plans. So, your student account (DEAC) statement will not include estimated Federal Work-Study earnings.

Spend wisely

Aid eligibility is based on “modest but adequate” standard estimates of expenses. Don’t overspend on a meal plan that you might not fully need. Consider used or rental textbooks. Access free entertainment. Use free or low-cost transportation. Get local discounts. Find other tips.

Set reminders

Create a calendar reminder now for the next three years. Aid eligibility is an annual process. Returning students must reapply for need-based aid each year, by February 1. When a family’s financial circumstances change, then aid eligibility also changes. (For example, if fewer siblings will be enrolled as undergraduate students in college in future years, then the remaining enrolled student’s aid eligibility will likely be reduced for those years.) Use the Net Price Calculator to project your likely future aid eligibility if you anticipate such changes.

Report your external scholarships

Report your external scholarships now if you have received (or expect to receive) a scholarship from any source that is not already included in your current financial aid record at Wake Forest.


Are scholarships taxable? Am I required to file a tax return?

Veterans Education Benefits

If you are planning to use VA Education Benefits, please send your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) letter to the VA Certifying Official.

Residency Determination Service

Complete the Residency Determination Service (RDS) online interview if your aid package includes the North Carolina Need-Based Scholarship or other state aid.

Summer School aid

Student Financial Aid does not provide scholarship assistance for summer study.

Information for aid recipients

Do you recall the Information for Aid Recipients referenced in your aid notification letter? While some information is also included here, now is a great time to refresh your memory about your responsibilities as an aid recipient and other important information.

Change in status

Changes in your enrollment (full-time vs. part-time), living location (on-campus, off-campus apartment, or at home with parents/family), and/or learning mode (in-person vs. remote) may change your aid eligibility. Please contact us for advice.

Withdrawal and aid reduction

If you get sick and must leave Wake Forest during a semester, aid amounts may be reduced. Consider purchasing Tuition Insurance.

Information for All Students

Student Financial Services

Learn about tuition insurance, student account refunds, Deacon OneCard, and Workday Student Financials.

Student employment

Search Federal Work-Study jobs and other employment opportunities for Wake Forest students.


Let the OPCD help you explore the possibilities.

External scholarship announcements

Don’t fall for scholarship scams. Check our External Scholarship Announcement and Private Scholarship Searches for more information.


Wake Forest’s academic technology program provides the opportunity to purchase a laptop computer. Students receiving a Wake Forest need, merit, or athletic grant are eligible for a WFU Technology Grant to purchase the current standard model.

Additional information

See a sample of what’s available to returning students. Keep your eyes and ears open. Opportunities are varied and ever-changing.

Financing options include:

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